Jeanne Charles Wood is an Illinois lawyer
whose practice focus is on Alternative Dispute Resolution
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ADR Services

Jeanne Charles Wood is a professional of choice for providing arbitration and mediation services in the Southeast and Midwest regions of the U.S. Specializing in civil, commercial, family, employment and labor disputes. Ms. Wood is skilled and competent with years of experience resolving disputes through the courts, privately, with unions and governmental entities.

Ms. Wood's services go way beyond presiding over hearings and mediation sessions. Her calm but firm approach to resolving disputes in a fair and efficient manner is the bedrock of her practice. In her arbitration practice, she aims to issue timely and well-reasoned decisions. When it comes to mediation, she assists the parties in drafting a clear and comprehensive agreement upon resolution.

Legal Expertise

  • Labor and Employment Arbitrator and Mediator

  • Civil and Family Mediator

  • Fact Finder

  • Facilitator

  • Former Adjunct Professor of Legal Studies

  • Hearing Officer

  • Speaker and Presenter

The office will be happy to help you if you are seeking alternative dispute resolution services for yourself or on behalf of your company or government organization.

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