Arbitration and Fact-Finding Cases

Listed below are some of the cases Ms. Wood has presided over rendering either final and binding decisions or findings and recommendations to resolve the dispute.

AFSCME Council 31, Local 805 and Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Class Grievance (Staffing Levels)( 2007).

AFSCME Council 31, Local 51 and Illinois Department of Children and Families, Class Grievance (Hazardous Weather/Leave) (2007)

AFSCME Council 31, and Illinois State Police, Grievance of C. Fischer, (Secondary Employment) (2008).

AFSCME Council 31 and Illinois Department of Corrections, 20-day Suspension of J. Ahmad, et. al.,(Rules of Conduct Violations) (2008).

U.S. Department of the Air Force Minot AFB, North Dakota and AFGE Local 4046, Class Grievance (Performance Awards) (2008).

Appeal of J. Soguero and Miami-Dade Transit Authority (Workplace Violence) (2009)

United Steelworkers, Local 2154-42 and Commercial Forged Products, Inc., Dismissal of D. White, (Attendance) ( 2009).

AFSCME Council 79 and State of Florida Dept. of Transportation, Dismissal of C. Villoria, (Performance) (2010).

Florida Police Benevolent Association and Escambia County Sherriff's Office, Grievance of J. Mullis, (Holiday Leave Pay) (2010).

IBEW and MidAmerican Energy Company, Grievance of T. Brown, et al., (Contracting Out) (2011).

AFSCME Council 79, Local 121 and Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Dept. (3-day suspension of Y. Lopez) (2011).

Appeal of M. Dupree and Miami-Dade Police Department, (Off-Duty Conduct) (2012).

Appeal of J. Lopez and Miami-Dade Transit Agency, (Discourteous Conduct) (2012).

Escambia Education Association and the School District of Escambia County, Dismissal of W. Aydelott, (Inappropriate Conduct) (2012).

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